Mouse Pads

Our mouse pads are extremely popular with tournament participants and sponsors alike. Recipients will be excited to use their mouse pad at the office or at home. Sponsors lucky enough to receive space on the mouse pads will benefit from fantastic marketing as their logos will be seen everyday.


Travel Mugs

Your participants will advertise your tournament year-round at the office, on the road and wherever their travels bring them.


Thank you for taking a moment to look over the options we offer for tournament photography. Capture Action's Golf Tournament Photo Gifts are the most unique golf giveaways in the world.

Wow participants! Amaze sponsors! Add value!

Online Videos

We are now very proud to offer online golf swing videos that will have tournament participants compared to many of today's top professionals. This service can be provided by itself or alongside one of our take-home items. It is an excellent way to provide visibility for your golf tournament's sponsors, as participants visit the web site, time and time again.



Tournament CD Rom

Each golfer will receive their CD ROM in a customized cover that will include their group's photo and a four-frame breakdown of their golf swing. Tournament organizers can be creative with the contents of the CD by having us include photos from previous years, a screen saver tour of the golf course and information about sponsors and charities benefiting from the tournament.


This must-have item is new to our line of tournament gifts. Its sleek and useful design includes a team picture, swing sequence photos, sponsor logos/text, and a block note pad. Your participants will love to have it in any office environment.

Note Pad Cube


Curved Frame

CURVED STYLE Sleek and unique! Taking traditional golf photography to a whole new level! These distinct magnetic frames will leave a lasting impression with your golfers and sponsors alike. Ample space is available for the group photo, swing sequence photos, sponsor logos and text. Have us include a monthly calendar on the back of the design.


The "Pocket Coach"

The newly introduced “Pocket Coach” fits easily in any golf bag. Golfers will be able to consult their own personal on-course coach to see how they can swing like a pro. This exciting new item provides an incredible amount of space for sponsors looking to provide more information than just their logos.



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