Deluxe Team Picture w/Individual Swings

This is the Cadillac of pictures with both the team picture inset with all four, (five for celebrity tourney’s) individual swings around the team. This print is an excellent gift for the participants to remember the event. Individual names can have up to 10 characters. Delivered on site after the completion of your event.


Digital Team Picture

Your participants will advertise your tournament year-round at the office, on the road and wherever their travels bring them.


Thank you for taking a moment to look over the options we offer for tournament photography. Capture Action Northwest offers on site delivery of the group photos. In addition, we can include full color sponsor logos & just about anything else you may need. This product will add prestige & value to your group’s event. 


Capture Action Northwest can provide your event a service unmatched. Our photographer will roam the course and capture images of all the action. Whether it’s that “classic” swing or antics of the participants, Legends will preserve it for viewing and ordering by the golfers. Up to 3 hours of photography time included. Images available to view and order online.

On the Course Candids


Swingin’ Magazine Cover

What a swing!? We photography each individual and place them on Magazine Cover style print. Each players name is included on the front page. We can even create a cover from your company or group


Viewing Candids

Legends can provide a slide presentation during the awards ceremony & meal. We will show all the images captured during the day’s event. We can also create slides to insert into the presentation of the tournaments sponsor’s, charities or any other information you wish to include. We offer a do it yourself or we provide “the works” services. 



Capture Action Northwest